A quick post about my Fuji X pro 1 and VSCO film filters

A quick Post.
I have just got back from a few days in Sydney.
There I shot the picture below with my Fuji X pro 1 and processed with VSCO film filters for the X pro 1.
I really like the mood the grain and added warmth brings. Enjoy

Sydney Darling Harbour

My next Fuji Lens for my Xpro1 55-200mm

With the announcement of the first zoom lens for the Xpro1 coming tomorrow. This is the lens I have been waiting for. Fuji have managed to keep the side down and keep it light reports say.

Fuji 55-200 zoom lens

At 699 is very reasonably priced and also has image stabilisation . If this lens turns out to be as good as the other in the range it should also be very sharp. I intent to use it for portraits and as a travel zoom. A preorder will go in as soon as they open. Join my 35mm 1.4 – 18-55mm f2.8 and 60mm macro.

Pimping out your Fuji X Pro 1

All dressed up to the night

You have you new Fuji X pro 1 well before you start shooting there are a few things I advise purchasing all pictured in the above picture. Dont worry none of what I am suggesting is very expensive but it is very practical.

Firstly the lens hood that comes with the camera while nice and built from metal has a major drawback. That drawback is that it only fits the god awful rubber lens cap. This lenscap falls off all the time and generally leaves the lens vulnerable to damage. So again as pictures above, I found a fantastic alternative. Whilst browsing through ebay I stumbled upon a leica copy lens hood. These run about $12 for the hood and cap. The cap fastens very tightly onto the hood but is very easy to get off by hand when needed.

Secondly the shutter button has a bare thread for a shutter release . Under the finger the sensation is not optimal . So you can buy a button to screw into the thread. I find sensation of having the smooth button much more pleasing when shooting. These run about $8 on ebay.

Thirdly the strap that comes with the camera is cheap nasty rubbish. So I replaced mine with a very minimalist leather strap. Its is very light and comfortable around ones neck . This on ebay runs between $30-60 depending on quality.

Very importantly a screen protector for your new expensive camera is paramount. The LCD on the X pro 1 is very vulnerable to scratches. This is a very worthwhile investment. They shouldn’t cost you any more than about $15 but if you dropped your camera and didn’t have one on you could be up for a big repair bill.

An absolute must is a spare battery. I bought one of ebay for $15 and it runs fine. The battery life of the X Pro 1 will cause you headaches if you dont carry a spare.

As you might be able to see by the picture , I also added the Fuji Grip for the X Pro 1 . With my big man hands I found it ergonomically not satisfactory for holding. Once I applied the grip it improved the ergonomics a lot. The camera now feels like its moulded to your hand. But at $135 it doesn’t come cheap.

X Pro 1 grip

So you have your camera now what will you carry it around in?
The internet is abounding with advice to buy expensive bags for your camera. What I wanted was a retro bag that wasn’t to big and could carry the X pro 1 plus a lens or two spare battery etc.
What I stumbled upon was, if you search for vintage camera bags on ebay you get a choice of fun small retro looking bags. No they are not real leather but they look good and carry everything I need without adding weight or much girth. They tend to run $25-50 that is a big saving over many bags which can run over $150 and not even accomplish what my bag has.

Further Fuji X Pro 1 Observations

Yesterday I took the X Pro 1 out and did some shooting at the queen victoria market.

The light was lousey it was busy and a lot of fun. The thing that is so great about the camera is I can have it around my neck always at the ready. Because it is so small no one takes any notice of it.


The camera’s high ISO performance is nothing short of amazing. No longer do I have to be concerned about dull light or non existent light. Set the camera at say 3200 ISO and you can shoot in situations unimagnable before,

Also of interest I was shooting with the 18mm f2 lens which has some interesting quirks. Its best sharpness in my non scientific test was around f5.6 and above . As noted elsewhere it can be a bit soft in the corners wide open. I definitely believe also the auto focus is at its weakest with this lens. The strongest auto focusing is to be had with the 35 1.4 which is very snappy.

Lastly I just wanted to mention that my camera body and lenses are all working with the latest firmware.