Batman The Dark Knight Rises IMAX

Today I got to see the latest Batman film. I was privileged to see it in IMAX.

Firstly the film, It was spectacular the sequence where Bane is taken from the plane was gob smacking in IMAX. I feel this is the way to see the movie. The IMAX format is so immersive and epic I feel if I had seen it in normal 35mm I would of felt removed from the film. The proportions and size literally made you feel like you were in Bruce Waynes world. You feel every punch every move.

Make no mistake about it , to understand this film you have to of seen all three. There are major references and story arc’s from the first and second movies.

Back to IMAX, what makes what Christopher Nolan achieved even more remarkable is the fact he used IMAX at all. The cameras are very heavy and large. They only can take 2 minutes of film at any one time. But the format has upto 18,000 lines of information compared to 4000 lines of 35mm film.

When the film changed from IMAX into 35mm mode you could see a dramatic drop in resolution. This unfortunately is the trade off to enjoy this stunning technology. 71 minutes of the film was shot on IMAX and for the they are the most intense visually amazing parts to enjoy. They tended to kick in during the major sequences. Special mention goes to the destruction of the football stadium very crazy and epic.

For me I most enjoyed Tom Hardy as Bane his intensity and that voice made him imposing . The early fight sequence with Batman where he tore him apart was devastating. Anne Hathaway was sexy sleek and imposing as Selina Kyle . I liked how the character developed and grew through her association with Waynes. You could so tell she was having so much fun on this film.

The soundtrack and mix were also a big star of this film. The sub had a major workout it literally made my ribs rattle. The music score was powerful and added to the intensity. I have now seen all three and I believe the conclusion to the trilogy was apt and mighty well done.

Here are 2 very interesting articles the first on why Chris Nolan doesn’t like 3d

then an article about his use of the amazing IMAX format both great reads.

The Amazing Spiderman 3d experience .

I love 3d . I love 3d a lot. I realise there are many if not a lot of people in this world who hate it but I love it.
Ok here is thing I dont love it all the time or in your face all the time. So fast forward to the other day. I go and see spiderman. I had a lot of fun with it. But what really stuck out for me was the creative use of 3d. For a lot of the film the eventuated depth was minimal which suited the story and the feel of the film.
But then when we see Peter Parker finally swinging through the New York Skyline then the 3d kicked in. It was amazingly immersive . For some reason or probably because it was used sparingly I suffered zero eyestrain. I have seen a lot of very badly done 3d that has given me headaches. In my opinion 3d should be used like surround sound on when it enhances the story.
Just imagine a film with distracting noises in the surround speakers all the way through. No they wouldn’t do it. So applying the same methodology to 3d is the way forward.
Also reflecting on the film, Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker was fantastic his performance was very nuanced. The guy has a big future ahead. The film Directed by Marc Webb who did 500 days of summer does the whole teenage angst love thing bloody well in my opinion. The early scenes reminded me stylishly of 500 days. All round a fun film which I highly recommend.