Shoreditch Street Art with my X-Pro1 and Xf27mm


So it has been a funny old week in my new office, not a million miles away from Liverpool Street. We’ve had a dead mouse in a desk, builders playing a girder and spanner symphony across the road and a seemingly endless walk to the kitchen.



It is however a considerable improvement on a building I worked in about 8 years ago that had rodents, a lethal 1970s filing system (the kind of one you move with a wheel), porn and beer cans blocking the loos, flaky air conditioning/heating and no kitchen!



Today I finally made it more than 300 yards from the office to Shoreditch. Originally this was intended to be a post about the swift transition from the city to the east end and the industrial/post industrial lanscape of shoreditch. In the event I was sucked in to taking plenty of photos of the really great street art…

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