Impressions of the Fujinon XF 55–200mm F/3.5-4.8 R LM OIS

Review of my next lens on order the Fuji 55-200


Wow, how lucky am I? I’ve just finished pulling together my thoughts on the Fuji XF 55–200mm and I get a call from the dealer to say my tou Zeiss Touit lenses (get it?) are on their way…


Anyway, to the 55-200mm. A very quick explanation – no test charts or other examples to be seen here. I also post process my results. I know that isn’t to everyone’s taste but look away now if you don’t like it…



Highlevel, this is an excellent quality zoom lens with a few drawbacks, notably light falloff, sometimes uncertain focus and larger than average size/weight. That said, it has a faster maximum aperture than similar lenses and looks lightyears ahead than similar mirrorless lenses (OK, I jest, but it is much better than the equivalent lens for Sony’s NEX system) in image quality.


It is heavy on the camera and I think if I…

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